About Us

JADARAT CLUB, (JADARAT is Arabic translation for the word (Competencies), established in 2017 to enhance Training, Education, Academic events, Congresses, Fairs …etc; by adding new methods for promoting business at these sectors.
JADARAT  Club, is a business and knowledge club that cares about community service at the individual and institutional level. It is focused in providing packages of services represented by marketing and promotion of training and events. and other services that engage institutions in activities that serve the community such as customized Forums which assist or enhance performance.
Training & Education Service Promotion:
The idea seeks to enhance the concept of training and continuous education, which is reflected in the development of performance at the level of the institution and individuals by providing all the training and educational programs they need to qualify them to meet the requirements of competitiveness.
It also seeks to reduce the effort to search for ongoing training programs and seminars, in addition to other events represented in scientific conferences and forums by providing a platform that is updated periodically monthly and weekly of useful programs and meeting the needs of the market, 
By registering for membership in the club, the member will be in the periodic mailing list of any advertised programs and receive a special reduction through repeated participation to incentive points in the form of training courses or free participation in events coordinated by the club with his partners.
Job promotion service:
This service designed to help institutions, individuals  in providing human cadres that meet business requirements. Organizations can advertise the jobs they want through the club’s platform.
Study Opportunities and Scholarships:
This service highlights opportunities for scholarships and other paid Courses for all levels of undergraduate and / or postgraduate education worldwide.
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